Website Design, New Logo & Branded Search

Watkins Centre Property

Watkins Centre is a large parcel of land located at the intersection of two busy interstates, and situated among recently developmed commercial property. Our client, a Mid-Atlantic commercial real estate company, won management of the property away from a competitor.

Eager to impress the land owners, we were asked if we could design a website dedicated to the property, and have it launched within a week. Working with our client to come up with the content while we designed the website, we met their request.

The logo utilized by the last commercial real estate company wouldn’t work on a new website design, so we set to work on updating what they had. We researched existing, successful commercial development projects for ideas. We finally decided on a refined version of their existing logo (see below).

After the launch of the new website, they wanted it showing up on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). Ranking for Branded Search, similar to Reputation Management, in a short amount of time can be tricky. However, if someone is searching for your brand, search engine ranking algorithms are generally smart enough to display what you want, assuming you know what to give them in advance.

We had their brand consuming 90% of SERP one within nineteen days, including their website in the number one position and detailed in the Knowledge Graph to the right of search results.


Phase One – Discovery, Strategy

Phase Two – Wireframing, UX, Content Architecture,
Website Design, Logo Redesign

Phase Three – Website Build, SEO – Branded Search


Commonwealth Commercial Partners – Watkins Centre


The Algernon


AJ James


Illustrator, Photoshop




Legacy v. New

New Website

After nineteen days, we were able to consume 90% of search engine result page (SERP) 1 for a search of “watkins centre property”.

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