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Dominion Construction Partners

There are a lot of similarities between building a website and the construction of a building. Contracts and scope of work must first be agreed upon. Design companies ensure refined looks and aesthetics. Construction involves people with different specialties. And no project is complete until sign off.

Like its customers, Dominion Construction Partners (DCP) needed a new, updated website that would show off their many completed projects. We first met with their corporate leaders and marketing director do discuss company goals, mission statement, customer personas, competition, and other key information that would help guide the website design/build.

We were told that they wanted the site to convey how they are an innovative construction company, one that is consistently working with new techniques and products. They directed us to competitor websites and instructed us on what they liked and didn’t like about them. From this research we could tell that the Projects section of the website would be the most important, highlighting before, during and after images of each project.

Most websites remain undiscovered. DCP was aware of this and wanted to ensure their website would help drive client engagement and acquisition. A strategy was implemented after launch that included the creation of new website content on a consistent basis. This content would appeal to potential clients by relating to their struggles, answering their questions, and showcasing DCP’s work.


Phase One – Discovery, Strategy, Messaging

Phase Two – Wireframing, UX, Taxonomy,
Content Architecture, Design

Phase Three – Website Build, SEO/Content Development Strategy, eNewsletter Template,

“At Dominion Construction Partners we lead projects from concept to finish as a trusted advisor and industry expert. We are your partner in construction.”


Dominion Construction Partners


The Algernon


AJ James


Illustrator, Photoshop



SERP Rankings

The client is currently ranking in places 1 – 9 on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) one for twelve (12) keyword phrases. These rankings have been achieved in less than six months by routine publishing of quality content. Continuing this process will push these SERP rankings higher over the coming months.

Keyword Combinations: 12

Rank Positions: 1 – 9

SERP Ranking: 1

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