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SOI C4ISR Platforms is a Department of Defense (DoD) contractor that specializes in the design and manufacturing of mobile Command & Control (C2) systems for use in mobile Tactical Operation Centers (TOC).

SOI’s customer personas are high ranking enlisted personnel, and to a lesser degree commissioned officers. The enlisted personnel evaluate the products then give recommendations to their superiors. Officers are final the decision makers that purchase the gear.

SOI is a small company competing against very large defense contracting companies. Their client-facing media must convey trust, ultimate reliability, and a professionalism that matches or exceeds what can be accomplished by the much larger marketing budgets of their competitors.

SOI relies heavily upon its website, product catalog, datasheets, and supporting marketing collateral.


Working within a tight budget, we decided to produce marketing materials in phases, generally led by a new website design, then followed by an updated catalog and product specific datasheets.


Considering the austere working environment of their customer base, SOI wants to be clear that their state-of-the-art technologies are ruggedized to handle abuse and multiple setups and take downs. Simplicity, rapid setup & strike, intuitive use, cost savings and industry-best products.


SOI C4ISR Platforms


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Command & Control Systems

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