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There are a couple of hundred factors that Google uses to rank every page it finds. If you’re a national eCommerce brand, then you better know a lot of them. But for most companies, addressing the most important ranking factors may be all you need.

What are some of these ranking factors that are most important to small and medium-sized businesses? Keywords (of course), Google Mobile First indexing, page load speed times, back links, low bounce rates, dwell time, a secure website, technical SEO (a lot in that one alone), fresh content, and so on.

A common misconception is that you want all the pages on your website to rank well. The reality is that you want pages to rank well that potential customers find the most relevant to their needs. This is where your blog (call it whatever you want) comes in. It’s the perfect format for creating the types of content your buyer’s find helpful.


Implementing Search Engine Optimization on your website leads to…

Higher Rankings

Page one is our only goal. Ranking higher leads to…


More brand awareness on search pages leads to…


If your website it setup properly, more traffic equals more revenue.

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