Measure and report on everything, then make it better.

If you’re not sure what your marketing efforts are getting you, it’s because of a lack of reporting. We analyze everything we do, and clearly present that to our clients.

Why do we split test? To see which digital marketing tactics are helping our clients reach their goals more quickly. How do we measure? Through the abundance of analytics.

Reporting can also reveal critical weaknesses in a business process. Say we’re driving a ton of traffic to a discounted product page. We can see not only that traffic, but we can follow them through the checkout process, making sure there aren’t obstacles in the way preventing them from clicking the final purchase button.

Baseline Our Goals

Where do we stand today? We have our goals, but we need something against what we can measure.

Execute our Tactics

We’re now in the implementation phase. We might not be ready for reports, but we can tweak where necessary.


Tracking your campaign’s effectiveness is the key to making it better. Analyze, adjust, repeat.

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