Still the best way to reach your audience.

Not everyone has a facebook account. Not everyone has a twitter account. Not everyone has an Instagram account. Everyone has an email account.

I’ve received countless eBlasts over the years, the vast majority of which miss the mark at achieving the goals of those businesses. I can tell that they’re written, then sent, because the company thinks it’s something they should be doing. They’re correct, but only partly so.

If you expending resources to create eBlasts, then everyone one should have an achievable goal that can be measured. Sure, getting a sale is a fine goal for an eBlast, but if you have an expensive product, it’ll take more than an email for you to get that sale.

Perhaps you want more social media followers. Perhaps you want to maintain brand awareness. Perhaps an offer off a product or service is something that will help you reach a goal.

Regardless, start with the goal in mind, then ask yourself “Are we writing and structuring this eBlast in a way that will help us achieve that goal? Have we included the proper tracking so that this goal can be measured?”

everyone does it

Everyone of your clients and potential clients utilize email. Start reaching them there.

have a goal in mind

Every email campaign should start with a defined goal. What conversion do we want with each eBlast we send?

Is it measurable

Tracking your eBlast campaign is the key to making it better. Analyze, adjust, repeat.

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