it all starts with discovery

We often hear from prospective clients that they’re not exactly sure what that last content marketing campaign did for them, or how many likes they received with their last facebook ads drive. Does this sound familiar to you?

Businesses start these marketing campaigns, often with the guidance of their marketing agencies, without a clear understand of “why” they’re doing them. Ask yourself:

“Why are we creating this content for our blog?”

“Why are we sending out this eblast?”

“Why are we advertising on Instagram?”

When you first understand why you’re investing in marketing, you then have a much clearer idea of how to achieve your goals.

This is why we generally begin all client engagements with Discovery. It’s through this exercise that we become intimate with your products, your business goals, your pain points, your buyer personas, your competition, and more.

When we know your business and its goals, then it’s very clear to us how to prioritize, and operate, your marketing projects.



In-depth discussion of your products, goals, pain points, buyer personas, competition and so on.


We dig deep into what we learned in the Discovery phase.

Executive Summary

Our first deliverable to the client. This is our road map moving forward. Everything we do aligns with the content of this document.

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing, and all of the services that come with it, can be overwhelming. But we’ve got you. We’ll scale it down into manageable projects that align with the goals of your business.

Below are our six core Inbound Marketing services. If you’re looking for something not listed below, we may be able to do that for you, so just ask. And if we’re not the right resource, we know where to find it.


Pay Per Click ads, on search engine result pages, social media pages, and so on. We can start driving traffic to your website today.


Search Engine Optimization, a lot like a diet, takes a lot of effort in the beginning. But once it takes hold, it’s easier to maintain.


Let’s create content that will actually be meaningful to your customers. Understanding your potential customer’s pain points, biases and fears, really helps us nail copy.


We’re not sending out emails without specific goals in mind. Do we want more social follows? Do we want more sales? You get the picture. Let’s do this purposefully.


Typically the final conversion piece to the puzzle. But it’s got to be good looking and have a clear call to action.


It’s our job to measure everything. We must then improve wherever we can, then do it again. Simply put, this process is repeated until we’re hitting home runs.

Looking for something not listed here? Just ask.

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