How to Create Content & Get it Ranking on Search Engine Result Pages


In this Round Up I gathered 5 great articles that will get you off and running creating content the correct way and ensuring it’s found by search engines.

For the vast majority of small to medium-sized businesses, their websites they go unnoticed. Consider that you spend $10K – $30K plus for your site, only to have it languish in obscurity.

Depending on your organization, there are hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of potential customers surfing the web every day searching for your product or service.

Too many businesses are leaving too much on the table.

There are many tactics, when utilized together, to get your website ranking well on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). But without this one thing it’s all a big waste of your time.

You must have CONTENT!

It doesn’t matter how great you are at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eBlasts or website design. If you don’t have content you don’t have anything to rank for on SERPs.

I realize that to many, the thought of creating content is viewed as an impossible hill to climb. But the reality is that it’s quite simple if you know how. You can learn more about that here, The Easy Way to Write a Bunch of Content

This first post starts at a higher level by discussing content creation with regard to the Conversion Funnel, the many touch points that potential customers come into contact with your brand.

The author discusses the goals, tactics and resources you need to engage your potential customers along this buyer’s journey.

Quote: “… without content, there is no SEO, and without SEO, content doesn’t get found.”

How to Use SEO & Content to Influence Buyers

Source: Search Engine Journal | Author: Lindsay Boyajian

Next up are strategies that can help you come up with content ideas. I discuss item three on their list in more detail in my post The Easy Way to Write a Bunch of Content.

There are useful links to similar articles at the bottom of this post.

4 Ways to Generate Fresh Ideas for Blog Posts

Source: Search Engine Journal | Author: Mark Traphagen

You can’t have enough resources dedicated to creating content, in my opinion.

This article takes the next step in the content creation process by discussing the different types of content frameworks. My post here is a version of their first framework type, a Standard List Post.

None of our content creation matters if we aren’t getting website traffic and conversions.

This next post focuses on the tactics utilized to drive more traffic to your site and how to increase that traffic into conversions.

To wrap things up, Brian Dean from Backlinko, provides an inspiring case study that can be replicated by just about anyone.

Also note his writing style; Bucket Brigade in action once again.


Most companies that write content do so with the understanding that it’s simply something that should be done. However, they don’t realize how it should be done to create awareness and convert traffic into new customers.

Writing content can be difficult to the uninitiated. These five articles map a clear path to help you get more website traffic, and blow away your competition.