(pronounced: al • jer • non)

About Us

Many know me as A.J. I know me as Algernon James. And now you know from where our name, The Algernon, was derived.

I was a technology integrator by trade for over twenty years, so I know tech.

In 2008 I was hired by a company to integrate new technologies into their existing platforms. I noticed quickly enough that they had no marketing department. Seeing this void, I took it upon myself to start filling it, and I became really good at it. But marketing is much more than creating things, because if no one sees the work, who cares?

There are traditional marketing methods that still offer great value, but marketing, like business, must push limits to grow and survive.

I love learning. The most important thing I realized about myself long ago, is that I don’t know everything. This realization drives me to learn about new things every day, and to become better every day.